Easter Message

17 April 2017

by Sam Dickson

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is dedicated to Alexander Nevsky and Dmitri Donskoi, two of Russia’s great national heroes both of whom have been canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church Their canonization is another example of the good fortune of Russians to have a national church that is truly the Church of Russia and protects its own as opposed to what we English-speaking peoples have in the Church of Anti-England and the Church of Anti-Scotland. (Oh, to have a loyal Church of England that would canonize Sir Francis Drake who delivered England from the Spaniards and a Church of Scotland that would canonize two of its members – Andrew Jackson and James Polk – who expanded our people’s turf!)

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was totally destroyed by the Bolsheviks. They would not permit anyone to take away the icons. It was leveled to the ground. 20 tons of gold were removed and were specifically earmarked to fund the “dekulakization“ program that, once the aristocracy and bourgeoisie had been exterminated, targeted the intelligent peasants for extermination to carry the dysgenics program of the Soviets to the next logical step. Thus, the destruction of the Cathedral and the money extracted served as double blows to the true Russian people.

When the Soviet government collapsed, The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour was the FIRST church in Russia to be rebuilt. 1 million citizens of Moscow made donations to the hugely expensive projects that was also funded in part by the descendants of the White Russians who managed to escape at the end of the Russian Civil War (or “The War of Alien Conquest“ as my Russian tutor called it).

Moscow has a population of 10 million. When the Cathedral was rebuilt, conditions in Russia were so grim that the country was on the verge of starvation. Yet even in their ruined, appalling state 1 out of 10 Muscovites in all their sufferings and poverty gave money to rebuild the Cathedral.

I was fortunate to visit the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour with a true Russian Dmitri O. who acted as my guide. It was a very moving experience bringing back the memories of my Russian tutor’s account of its destruction at the hands of the Bolsheviks and how God destroyed all of the Communists’ plans to erect a temple to Marxism with a giant statue of the God of the Godless (Lenin) crowning it. The Communists tried... but every time the building fell down.

How I wish the White Russians I knew in my youth in Atlanta could have lived to have seen the day when the Head of State in Russia would attend Easter ceremonies in this shrine!

Happy Easter! We can rejoice that Lenin’s work like his projected shrine and statue are gone.


p.s. Dmitri Donskoy is not only perhaps the greatest hero of Russia. He is also one of the greatest heroes of European Christendom. He defeated the Mongols on September 8, 1308, in the Battle of Kulikovo Field and delivered Russia from the cruel Mongol Yoke. (80% of all the Russian soldiers fighting in that battle were dead when night came and the Mongols fled. They were dead but the Asiatic enemy was defeated and the Christian Slavs were free.)


“Russia: Putin and Medvedev attend Cathedral of Christ the Saviour’s Easter Mass” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wbnRPG4xJo