What a MAGNIFICENT woman!
An eulogy for Phyllis Schlafley

Sam Dickson, 6 September 2016
(In response to an article at CBS St. Louis,
“Longtime Conservative Icon Phyllis Schlafly Dies at 92.”)

There was none like her and will not be one like her for a long time. Only Ann Coulter comes close.

Phyllis Schlafley

I was privileged to work a little with her when I was counsel to the Georgia Stop ERA Committee. When she came to Georgia, I would often serve as her driver. We hit it off immediately.

She was very careful about her credibility and her image and I until now I have guarded her confidences and kept to myself the taboo subjects we discussed. I keep confidences and do not damage my and our friends with bragging gossip.

I can now say that she was with us. She and I discussed the writings of Nesta Webster which she had read and absorbed. No one can read Nesta Webster without being 100% in accordance.

She was the most energetic opponent in the entire country of LBJ’s repeal of the National Origins Act.

When Buckley and his panoply of phony organizations misdirected conservative opposition to the Great Society legislative program into silly trivia like stopping the repeal of the right to work law, opposing increases in the minimum wage and pouring millions of dollars down the rathole of the Prayer in Schools Amendment, Phyllis Schlafley understood that immigration was the truly critical issue.

She headed the Daughters of the American Revolution’s committee on immigration and used this as a means to organize the efforts to stop repeal of the National Origins Act.

Likewise, she used her network of contacts throughout the Daughters as the framework for her national Stop ERA Committee.

In 1963 and 1964 her little book “A Choice Not An Echo” perhaps did more than any other writing to firm up the Goldwater supporters and inspire them to the first defeat of the East Coast liberal Republican establishment ever.

A Choice Not An Echo

Such was the prestige she commanded as a result of “A Choice Not An Echo” that the Buckley crowd dared not take her on directly as they did other real opponents of the Regime. They had to resort to blocking her participation as a speaker at conservative events, banning her from National Review and the other organs of controlled opposition and sneering at her and putting her down in private.

In 1964–1965 she was Vice President of the National Federation of Republican Women. The tradition was that the Vice President succeeded the President. However, in the wake of the Goldwater campaign the corrupt Republican establishment was determined to defeat her. No one aroused their hate more than Phyllis Schlaffley.

So they ran a crooked nonentity named Gladys O’Donnell against her in a campaign of astonishing corruption and nastiness even by the standards of contemporary America. The Republican women in Georgia by all rights ought to have been among Schlafley’s most loyal supporters.

However, that was not the case.

A slinky New York Jewess named “Lee Lieberman” who had been Rockefeller’s secretary had come to Georgia and insinuated herself into the Federation of Republican Women with the help of Howard Hollis “Bo” Callaway, the so-called “conservative Republican” congressman from Columbus who was actually run by the Establishment “Ripon Society,” then the premier organization of the “moderate Republicans.” [A detail: my most vicious opponent in my erstwhile career as College Director of the Young Republican Federation was another Callaway plant, a social-climber named Joe Wilkinson who until recently was globalist Coca-Cola’s representative in the State House. Those in the know used to refer to him in print as “Joe Wilkinson, R–Coca Cola” in lieu of the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s “Joe Wilkinson, R–Sandy Springs.”]

With Callaway’s back door help Lieberman created dozens of fake paper-clubs in the Georgia Federation of Republican Women, many of them led by liberal Democrats who were glad to help out their closet friends among “moderate” Republicans.

Lieberman pretended to be friendly to Schlafley until she was positioned to strike.

Then she not only suddenly reversed herself to support O’Donnell but even served as O’Donnell’s lawyer before the Credentials Committee of the National Federation of Republican Women. She insured that her paper clubs from Georgia and similar ones from all over the country were seated while delegates from long established and active clubs were ejected on contrived pretexts.

As in the defeat of Taft by the candidate of the East Coast liberal Republicans Dwight David Eisenhower, it was the Georgia fake delegation that snatched victory away from us and gave it to the enemies of our race, our country and our religion.

As to be expected Buckley and his minions were working away inconspicuously to help out by putting out the word that Schlafley was “too extreme” and that O’Donnell was “the real conservative.”

There are blanks in this summary of Schlafley’s life that we ought to fill in.

Phyllis Schlafley

Her determined opposition to 3rd World colonization of our country is mentioned but not her defense of America First, the much maligned traditional Anglo-Saxon policy of isolationism and her opposition to the embrace by Buckley and his fakes of the Wilsonian-Rooseveltian interventionist policies. Unlike others she did not get conned by the Establishment’s use of its phony anti-communism to stampede Americans into supporting a foreign policy of “Crusades for Democracy.”

The last time I spoke with her was at a CPAC Conference in D.C. She spoke warmly in praise of Claire Booth Luce for daring to denounce Roosevelt and our involvement in World War II with her “He Lied Us Into War” speech in 1948. It took real courage for Claire Booth Luce to attack our entry into World War II especially in view of the fact that she made this speech AFTER the great “victory” when most of the lemmings would be enraged to have this great “accomplishment” besmirched. And it speaks volumes about Schlafley’s own commitment to the real America of the Founding Stock and her guts that she praised Luce for the speech and endorsed it.

Another detail – the omission of which surprises me – is the fact of Phyllis Schlaffley’s having been one of the early women graduates of HARVARD LAW SCHOOL … a fact that was almost always censored out by the Establishment and its servants but certainly should be included by us in taking note of the death of this fine woman.

She deserved the olive laurels of our pagan ancestors in life. She deserves the crown of life in death.

To Phyllis Schlaffley the Kingdom of Heaven.

Goodbye, Phyllis! You were the real thing unlike the feminist so-called women leaders.

You were a true successor to Boadicea and Gloriana, (the latter being a comparison Phyllis would not have liked, since she was a very devout daughter of the Church of Rome).

Sam Dickson