An answer to Ron Paul on immigration
Sam Dickson, 6 September 2016

(An answer to Ron Paul’s How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem)

Can there be much stronger proof of both the inefficacy of Ron Paul as a source of political salvation and the intensity with which Libertarians like leftists are in the grips of an ideology than this piece on immigration?

The following snippet from his article is sufficient to make the case against Paul:

The battle against illegal immigration is a ploy to gain more control over our lives. We are supposed to be terrified of the hoards of Mexicans streaming into our country and thus grant the government new authority over the rest of us. But in fact, a Pew study found that between 2009 and 2014 there was a net loss of 140,000 Mexican immigrants from the United States. Yes, this is a government “solution” in search of a real problem.

How to tackle the real immigration problem? Eliminate incentives for those who would come here to live off the rest of us, and make it easier and more rational for those who wish to come here legally to contribute to our economy. No walls, no government databases, no biometric national ID cards. But not a penny in welfare for immigrants. It’s really that simple.

No, Dr. Paul. It is really NOT that simple.

Contrary to your dismissive sneer that “we are supposed” to be terrified of the hoards of Mexicans streaming into our country, WE (American White Christians, i.e. the demographic core of the nation, ARE concerned, really concerned … and we should be because our very existence as a biological people is at stake.

It may seem strange to you, gripped as you are by a materialistic ideology that in some respects mirrors Marxism and its materialist determinism, but we value our race and civilization more highly than our 401K account or our “right” to pollute the atmosphere or the rivers as private businessmen.

Adios, America

And for Pete’s sake! For someone supposedly on our side to cite a study by the Pew Trust as authority with which to dismiss the evidence of our eyes (not to mention the data tabulated by Ann Coulter and set forth in her book “Adios, America”) as to the swarms of Mexicans coming into America…

Please! The Pew Trust exists for the very purpose of colonizing our country with Third World immigrants. Its propagandistic studies are cited weekly on NPR’s “All Things Considered” … and always provide supposed information to justify weakening the immigration laws and arguing for non-enforcement of the laws such as they exist.

Paul claims that terminating welfare for immigrants will solve the problem. Get real! These Third World people from places like Mexico and Haiti can enjoy a higher standard of living in an American dumpster than in private employment in their own countries. Taking away their welfare benefits – which in theory they don’t have now anyway – will not solve the problem.

Paul lives in a dream world. He is in the grips of an ideology. He – like so many White Europeans – has our racial weakness for adhering to an ideological road map and tossing hard reality out the window.

He is like someone following a map who comes to the Grand Canyon where the highway in fact ends but a bridge is shown on the map.

And who then, Paul-like, keeps on driving because “the map says there’s a bridge here so it’s just gotta be there.”

There is no hope for our race in Ron Paul or in his “ideology of freedom.”*

Sam Dickson