Originally published in The Occidental Quarterly
November 18, 2009

Shockley Vindicated

by Sam Dickon, Esq.

A highly revealing review of a recent biography of William Shockley includes many nuggets worth mining, such as this choice one:

What transformed the giant of the semiconductor revolution into an aging crank who insisted on taping every phone call to his home?

The reviewer poses his question rhetorically under the belief (unfortunately correct) that most readers – being their own commissars – will understand that the question is intended only to show that Shockley was a paranoid nut and not to provoke a thoughtful response.

But for those few readers who are not brain dead and who don’t give trusting obedience to Big Brother the question might provoke some thinking … some of what Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four called "thought crime."

Could it be that maybe a clue as to what turned Shockley into a “crank” who taped conversations might be found in an interesting episode that may be recounted in the book being reviewed … or may not be, such things having a peculiar habit of disappearing into Orwell’s Memory Hole?

The episode involves an interview and subsequent analysis report for the Atlanta Journal Constitution which an African-American journalist (to use the politically correct term for “news-media-whore”) in the employ of the ethno-massochistic self-loathing WASP radical chic billionairess Anne Cox Chambers of Ohio (the She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed who owns most of the significant news media in my own State of Georgia) produced.

This article smoothly and confidently revealed to Anne’s devoted readership of liberal minded and progressive Georgians the “fact” that Shockley had told the reporter of his love for Adolf Hitler and the Nazis.

Had it not been for the “crank’s” unfortunate habit of recording such conversations this ground-breaking piece of journalism might have even won for Ms. Chambers and her pet Negro a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for warning off White Americans from considering the arguments of such a “self-confessed Hitler worshiper” on the subject of IQ, heredity, and race.

Alas, Shockley had taped the interview.

And the tape revealed that Shockley had never made any such statement. Quite the contrary. What an unfortunate turn of events for the nationally admired Atlanta Journal Constitution, the paper that made such stellar contributions to American journalism and literature as the late Ralph McGill (who did get a Pulitzer) and Celestine Sibley!

Shockley sued the AJC for libel. He retained a tough, gritty, combative little Jew named Murray Silver to represent him. As surprising as it may be to anti-semites Silver aggressively and determinedly pursued Shockley’s case.

The AJC was confident that it had nothing to worry about.

After all, the Supreme Court years before back in the 1960s had emasculated the defamation laws for the virtually expressed motive of unleashing the media in its campaign of vilification against White Southerners during the Civil Rights Movement.

And not merely that.

The venue for the trial would be right here in Atlanta where billionairess Cox’s word is law, and all prudent mortals tremble and obey.

Surely the case would never make it to trial. Most compliant judges could be counted on to “do the right thing” and set aside the trifling details of the individual case before the court for the common good of racial progress and progressive intellectual thinking.

And in the unlikely event that the judge to whom the case would be assigned proved uncompliant Anne Cox Chambers and her pet Negro could almost certainly count on the jury doing the right thing. The White jurors would click their heels and obey. The black ones could be realistically expected to act on their own understandable prejudices.

No. Prospects looked good for a victory for “investigative journalists,” and Ms. Chambers could probably turn the lemon of the “crank’s” paranoid tape recording and lawsuit into the lemonade of congratulatory and admiring accounts in news media all over the country.

But the wicked are not always triumphant, and the righteous are not always defeated. Even in darkest America.

And so it proved in this episode.

Amazingly, the judge actually obeyed his oath. Based on the indisputable evidence that the AJC had maliciously lied about Shockley, the judge honestly applied the law – which even as redefined by the Supreme Court allowed extremely clear cases to go to the jury – and declined Ms. Chambers’ demands that Shockley’s case be dismissed by the Court. Had the Southern Poverty Law Center then been in full-steam operation, undoubtedly this impudent and recalcitrant judge could have been “linked” to Nazis, White supremacists, and Holocaust deniers.

After all, the SPLC was able to “link” Eric Rudolph (who is said to have been the murderous bomber of a homosexual club and an abortion clinic) with White supremacists and Holocaust deniers by the undeniable fact that from the day of his birth until little Eric’s 11th year he lived only 20 miles from where a known White supremacist and Holocaust denier lived. You can’t ask for better proof than that in the liberal intellectual’s epistemology. And surely the judge, living as he undoubtedly did within even closer proximity to numbers of thought criminals could be indisputably “linked” under the SPLC’s practice of geographic guilt by association.

Equally surprising:

The racially mixed jury unanimously found the AJC liable for maliciously defaming Shockley via its fabrication of the Hitler-loving “quotes” it had ascribed to Shockley.

In a sane society the facts of this case and the formal adjudication of the Cox media’s malicious lying by even Black jurors would have spelled the end of any credibility of the AJC whatsoever. But America is no such sane society. Southern progressives and liberal “intellectuals” found no reason to suspend their trance-like absorption of every word that proceeds from the pages of the AJC.

After all, the AJC getting caught with its hands in the cookie jar in defaming Shockley is only a trivial detail in the endless pursuit of racial justice and should not give people-of-good-will any reason for pause. No need to rethink anything here.

The AJC itself brushed off this crushing verdict by gloating that Shockley only got $1.00 in damages. The nation’s media – naturally sympathetic to the AJC – helped the Good Cause by either adopting the AJC’s interpretation that the measure of damages and not the ruling on maliciously lying was the significance of the case or not reporting the case at all.

And the case has been conveniently forgotten. The liberal Cox media lie factory has continued to hum along efficiently.

There are other details of the case which deserve comment, even if they will arm the SPLC with “proof” that Shockley was in fact a Nazi after all and was “linked” with people the SPLC itself has solemnly adjudicated and declared to be “haters.”

The AJC produced as an “expert witness” none other than Ashley Montague, the author of various United Nations declarations about racism.

In his posh and elegant English accent this bearer of the ancient aristocratic Anglo-Saxon (well, really Norman) name of Montague (complimented by the not quite so toney but still destinctly upper crust first name – what in British English is called very incorrectly one’s “Christian” name – of “Ashley” informed one and all that someone with the preposterous idea that IQ was determined by genes and that there was a hereditary basis for the difference in average Black and White IQs deservedly could be said to be a Nazi.

The lawyer representing the AJC concluded the direct examination of Montague at the close of the day.

The judge adjourned the case with cross-examination by Shockley’s attorney Murray Silver to commence the next day at 9:00 a.m.

Shockley and Silver retired to Silver’s office to plan the next day’s conduct of the trial.

Shockley told Silver that “Ashley” (to use the Christian name of the non-Christian) Montague had a long history as an apologist for Marxism and for the excesses of Marxists in their pursuit of the New Soviet Man who was to be created by obliterating racial, ethnic, and religious distinctions.

Alas, the books needed to enable Silver to prepare his cross-examination on this point were rare in free America and not-available-in-stores as the TV ads say … and not available in libraries either, since the ideological predecessors of the SPLC and its ilk had done such a superb job as nannies protecting the American people from information that is not deemed suitable or good for the children to have.

What to do?

Well, in evidence that God may very well exist it happened that an even more amazing against-all-odds occurrence took place.

Murray Silver’s secretary happened to be a young German woman I knew with whom I had had a long discussion about race and related matters.

She overheard the conversation between Shockley and his lawyer and popped her head into Silver’s conference room to tell him that she knew a nut who might have the very books they needed.

My phone rang and the voice on the other line identified himself as … Dr. William Shockley!

In minutes I was in my car with the proscribed books on my way to Silver’s office.

Silver’s cross-examination of Montague the morning of the next day was brilliant … and devastating.

Over furious objections by counsel for the AJC the disobedient judge required Ashley Montague to answer Silver’s questions.

The cross-examination revealed from the get-go that even the witness’ alleged name was not the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

The aristocratic name of Ashley Montague was shown to have been purchased by the witness who was born Israel Ehrenberg.

Even the name was false. As false as the assumed upper class English accent.

And that was just the start of it.

Having reviewed the contents of the books given to him, Silver hammered away at Ehrenberg.

The expert who could by clairvoyance determine Naziphilia in Shockley turned out to be … a Stalin-lover who had praised the Great Leader for leading the world in the resolution of ethnic and racial prejudice.

A “decent” judge would have used his discretion to shield Ehrenberg-turned-Montague from such nasty McCarthyite tactics as actually confronting him with his pro-Stalinist writings. Nowadays, a judge who so wickedly failed to shield such a witness from such unworthy questions would get investigated by the SPLC at least and perhaps ordered by the appellate courts never to try a case like this again. (As happened in the case of Judge Acker in Alabama who failed to do right in Dees’ cases and who was ordered off any such cases by the federal appeals court. You have to remember that in the bad old days of the 1970s when Shockley’s case was tried we had not made as much “progress” as we have since then. And you can count on the liberal establishment bringing us even more such progress in the future.)

As Silver pounded and pounded away at the pompous “expert witness” the jury’s reaction was one at first of stunned disbelief and then of mirth.

Ehrenberg’s testimony turned out to be more suicidal for the AJC than homicidal for Shockley. The AJC would have had a better chance of winning its case had it not involved itself with a witness as flawed as Ehrenberg who failed to prove that Shockley’s ideas identified him as a Hitler lover but most definitely indicated that the AJC was in bed with an obvious Stalin lover. The AJC’s counsel was woefully unprepared for this development as sometimes happens with the liberal establishment’s trusting believers. He probably just never imagined that someone as esteemed and deserving of worshipful respect as Ashley Montague could be anything other than the saint he had been told he was by his priest, his sociology professor and his newspaper.

So now the horrible secret has been revealed!

Shockley – and his “traitorous” Jewish lawyer Silver – have been shown to have been “linked” after all.

What a pity that the AJC counsel was not able to show the jury where the books had come from! Obviously, in the epistemology of decent liberals like Morris Dees, Mark Potok and little “Mee Shell” Norris – who so fawningly interviews Potok for NPR to inform her listeners as to the latest persons and groups identified as “haters” by the SPLC – the fact that the books had been delivered from my hands trumps the facts contained in the books.

Now this omission can be remedied, and the SPLC can add this link to its data base and soon can broadcast it far and wide in its Intelligence Report.

The books are still in my library and bear a thank you note from Shockley above his autograph.